My Objective:   --

My objective is to be the best in entertainment of small to large crowds and to make the opinion of the people not a superficial thought that dj's are just people who push "play" and "cue", but someone who makes things happen in a party or gathering.  I want to be able to move a crowd and talk to them with my hands and the way I interpret the music I play.  I want to be able to be distinctive in my looks and personality.  I want to be looked at as one of the best and one that can "hold his own".  I am looking forward to becoming not only a "dj", but a host of many races, establishments, and situations.  I simply want to be a force to reckon with.

My Resume    --

I started djing in 2004 at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL for a fraternity party, but have been in love with the art of playing since 1996 in high school.  I have always studied the ways playing music or relaying music to the ear because thats what it did for me when I first heard or started listening to the art form.  In 2005, I came back from college after graduating with a B.A. in Music to pursue my career as a "DJ".  I started doing private parties for congressional members and Council  members including Council member Kwami Brown, Vincent Gray, Marion Barry and people that were just looking for some music to be played for their events.  I would get a consultant fee for my musical performances with different organizations including Operation Hope, The Gregory Project and PlayFair ENT.  In 2007, I started djing @ Irvings Nightclub every wednesday and that pretty much started the Gentleman's Club Era.  In 2008, I moved to Rose Cafe djing almost 5 days a week and got more than enough experience in what its professionally like to rock a party even though it was a Gentleman's Club.  That is also the place where I received the name "Dj Swagg".  I got name from my manager/brother from how I dressed and the way I carried myself.  I stayed there until the winter of 2009 into 2010 and left there and moved to Mile High Gentleman's Club, however I was still doing private parties in between the days I did and didn't have to work.  I have been on the grind the entire time I have been in this profession.  Some would consider me an underground "dj", and I would consider me as one that has been overlooked.  I have had the experience of djing in "regular" clubs from watching and actually getting on the turntables when another dj would be working.  I have had small chances to make things happen, and when the chance came I took advantage of it to feel the crowd and make them move.  In September of 2010, I started working at Club Expo on 9th and U St NW for a few weeks and then working at G2 club on Georgia Ave NW.  I also worked at Club 12 on 12th and H St NE every Friday.  I started working as one of the djs' for GoGoRadio.com on the "Purple Haze Show" and then moved on currently djing on "The Mid-day Show".  The show airs from 1 to 5pm(EST) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  "I may be good at what I do, but I strive everyday to become the best at what I do".